Low growing shrub with wonderful berries for arrangements. Available August into Fall

Herb Bouquets 

Herbs are not just for the kitchen!

They add a lovely smell and texture to any bouquet. Different varieties available throughout the summer.


On their own or added to a bouquet, I love the softness and look.

Available Late Summer till Frost


I love the colours this beautiful perennial flower comes in! From White to the deepest yellow, purples, reds, oranges, pinks and even green! Available mid to late summer into fall.

Shasta Daisies

Single and Double petal varieties . 

Available mid summer and sometimes again in the fall.


Yellow and Red Varieties. Available thru the summer and into fall


This tall perennial flower smells amazing and looks good too!

​Available in August

Cupcake Cosmos

Coming next summer! These did so well in my trial garden this year that they are a go for next year! They will be available all summer into fall.

Gooseneck Loosestrife 

This is one of my favourite flowers to put in bouquets. Available in June and July.

Filler Flowers

I grow such a large variety of filler flowers its impossible to list them all, but they add wonderful colour to each bouquet.

cut flower farm © Bear Pen


Beautiful peony type tulips in a broad range of colours. Available Late April into May.


Ferns have a lovely effect in a bouquet. We grow 5 different varieties which are available from summer into fall.

Broom Corn

The texture broom corn brings to a bouquet is amazing. This photo shows an immature stalk, when it ripens the seeds can turn anywhere from a light brown to burgundy to black. Available late August into fall.


This perennial flower is stunning in bouquets. Red, Orange and Yellow this flower is available late July and August.

Flowers grown on the farm..

Bear Pen Flowers


Stunning addition to any bouquet. Available June and throughout the summer.

Still updating this list....


I love these big fluffy flower heads! 

Available late summer into Fall.


Such a beautiful flower in colours ranging from white, pinks, purples and dark reds.Great addition to bouquets or on its own. Available late July into September.


I have a large variety of lilies which supply my bouquets for most of the summer! Right up till mid August. 


We grow a  large selection of colours from white to the deepest reds.

Peonies are in season mid to late June..sometimes into July.  


The flower that is full of sunshine! Such a big, bold, happy flower makes a wonderful addition to any bouquets. Usually available August till Frost.


Decorative Onions add such great texture and fun to our bouquets! We have many different varieties from the small drumstick to the Giant Alliums.


A long lived cut flower, bee balm comes in some amazing colours.

Available in August

Globe Thistle and Liatris

These two perennials are just so stunning and fun! I love them in bouquets! Available for mosts of the summer until mid August.


This drought tolerant perennial is a wonderful addition to bouquets. Available mid summer thru to fall


This unusual plant reseeds itself every year if you are lucky! And makes a stunning visual impact in any bouquets. Comes in many colours. Available late August into Fall


Yes we have Glads!! Stunning on their own or in a bouquet! Available in August